Liability Damage Waiver

Liability Damage Waiver (LDW) brings peace of mind. When added onto a Lease contract, it releases the customer of liability if the property is damaged due to fire, flood, theft, storm, or other Act of God. Starting at only $7.95 per month with no deductible, our LDW can save up to $1000 over the life of the contract when compared to competitors’ plans.

Fallen tree

RTO National’s LDW Plan is simple.

If the property is damaged due to fire, flood, theft, storm or other act of God, we will have the building repaired or will release you of all remaining payments on the contract. When a situation occurs, communication with customer service is key. To claim LDW for theft, the customer must provide RTO National a police report within 48 hours of the incident. The LDW does not cover mysterious disappearance or loss or damage due to customer or customer’s family’s intentional or negligent conduct. The customer must be current on their Lease and LDW payment.

Actual Customer Experiences

The true measure of LDW coverage comes during a time when you need to make a claim. Recently, Mr. Davis’s home and storage shed were totally destroyed by fire. The customer and dealer were very concerned because the customer had made only one month’s lease payment with LDW coverage and weren’t sure if his loss would be covered. We informed the customer that he was covered and released from all future rental payments. We were saddened for Mr. Davis’s loss of his home but were glad we could help in his time of need.

K. Davis, Oklahoma

A powerful storm hit while Mr. Huendo was on vacation. Mr. Huendo called us to ask if his LDW coverage would repair the damage from a tree falling on his shed during the storm. The next day our dealer drove to Mr. Huendo’s home, assessed the damage, and submitted an estimate for repair. The estimate was approved and the repair work was completed with no cost to Mr. Huendo.

J. Huendo, Georgia

In late 2015, South Carolina was hit with epic flooding. Mr. Kirby was forced from his home for days. When he returned home, he was met with total devastation. His home had been under six feet of water, and his shed was destroyed beyond repair. Mr. Kirby called RTO National to ask if his shed was covered. Because he had the LDW plan, Mr. Kirby was released from all future lease payments.

R. Kirby, South Carolina