Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a deposit?

For Lease, RTO National typically requires a first and last month’s payment prior to delivery of your building. Your last month payment is held in deposit and applied to your last payment in your contract or payoff amount.

For Finance, we offer 100% financing with approved credit and no deposit required.

When do my payments begin?

Our customers’ first payment won’t be due until 30 days from delivery. By providing an extended period, we make sure our customers have plenty of time to get their cash flow in order and their account off to a good start. Not to mention we provide several easy ways to pay – online, by phone, by mail, bank draft, or calling customer support – more ways than anyone in the industry!

Can I purchase the storage building after I have entered a Lease Contract with RTO National?

Yes, you can pay off your contract at any time with no penalties. RTO National applies a discount to your Lease agreement based on the term of your Lease agreement and the number of payments you have made. Please refer to your Lease Agreement for details.

Can I pay off my installment contract early?

Yes, you can pay off your contract at any time with no penalties.

I have a Lease agreement with RTO National – What if something happens and I can no longer pay for my storage building?

A Lease contract is a month to month lease agreement. You can terminate your contract at any time. Just call us and we will schedule a convenient time to retrieve the storage building.

Do you report to credit agencies?

With Lease, your agreement is a monthly lease contract, so we do not report to credit agencies. Credit reports are not requested or reviewed to determine eligibility.

For short-term and long-term Finance, we do report to credit agencies.

Do I have to wait for an approval to participate?

With Lease, we give instant approval with completion of all leasee information and receipt of your initial payment with a credit card or check.

Same goes for Finance when you receive instant approval status online or in-person.

What are my options for making monthly payments?

We have several convenient ways to make your monthly payments.

Ways to Pay 24/7:

  • Credit Card Online in the Customer Payment Portal
  • Credit Card Via Phone with our Automated Payment System
  • (703) 857-4385 (Lease)
  • (866) 983-6900 (Finance)

Additional Ways to Pay:

  • PayNearMe locations (Lease)
  • Money Order
  • Auto Draft
  • Mailed-in Check
  • Speak with a Customer Payment Specialist by calling (866) 983-6900 during business hours.

If you do not have your account number and would like to pay by phone or online, please email customer service at and they will provide your account number.

Why purchase a liability damage waiver?

As part of your Lease, you are responsible for completing your Lease contract if something happens to your unit. For example, if a tree falls on your unit, it is stolen or burns, you are responsible for fulfilling your contract. The liability damage waiver or LDW covers the remaining amount owed on the unit under these circumstances. You would not own your home or a car without protection, so why do so with your storage building. This is a great way to get the protection you need with no deductible.