Customer Success Plans

RTO National strives to keep our dealers and customers happy and exceed their expectations. Take care of your customers and life is simple.

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From day one, we help our customers get off to a good start.

Our customers’ first scheduled payment won’t be due until 30 days from delivery. By providing an extended period, we make sure the customer has plenty of time to get their cash flow in order and their account off to a good start. Not to mention we provide several easy ways to pay – online, by phone, by mail, bank draft, or calling customer support – more ways than anyone in the industry.

We help our FlexLease customers remain current.

After making 12 lease payments, RTO National allows for all customers who are behind to catch-up, for free. This can be used once per year. For customers that communicate and work with us, but just can’t get current, we will adjust all past due dollars after the customer has completed three (3) minimum monthly payments on time. It’s a partnership, we both make commitments, we both stick to them.

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We can’t predict when events will cause a disruption in our lives. So when it happens, we’re here to help.


We help families if a customer passes away.

If a customer passes away, RTO National will allow a spouse or child to assume the contract. This saves the family from potentially losing previously made lease payments that could result in substantial financial loss.

We help customers who have suffered an accident or health care issue that places them in the hospital.

If a customer must enter the hospital for long-term care (over 21 days) and has paid over 12 payments on-time, RTO National will give the customer up to two months of free time to get back on their feet.

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We help our customers through loss of job.

If a customer loses the job they had when they entered into our lease agreement, and have made over 12 payments on-time, RTO National will provide up to two months of free time. Everyone needs some breathing room when bad things happen in life.

More ways to help our customers and our dealers achieve success. Success Made Simple