Customer Success Plans

RTO National strives to keep our dealers and customers happy and exceed their expectations.
Taking care of your customers makes life simple.

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Flexible payment methods available to our customers.

Customers pay an initial payment to the dealer on the day the Lease Purchase Agreement is signed. The next monthly payment is due 30 days after delivery and is paid directly to RTO National. Payment methods are flexible, and customers can choose to pay - online, by mail with check or money order, scheduled bank draft (ACH), debit/credit automatic payments, PayNearMe locations, or by calling customer support.

We help our lease purchase customers remain current.

After making 12 lease purchase payments, RTO National allows all customers who are behind to catch-up for free. This can be applied once per year. For customers that communicate and work with us but just can’t get current, we will adjust all past due dollars after the customer has completed three (3) minimum monthly payments on time. It’s a partnership; we both make commitments, and we both stick to them.

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We can’t predict when events will cause a disruption in our lives.
So when it happens, we’re here to help.


We help families when a customer passes away.

When a customer passes away, RTO National will allow a family member with appropriate documentation to assume the Lease Purchase Agreement. This saves the family from losing previously made lease purchase payments minimizing any financial loss. This is one way RTO National can help make a difficult time a little easier.

Offering more ways to help our customers and dealers achieve success.
Success Made Simple